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ONE HEMP is a historic alliance of top cannabidiol (CBD) companies advocating for legislation and FDA regulation of hemp-derived CBD products as dietary supplements.

Who We Are

The ONE HEMP coalition formed as a response to the collaborative process outlined by the FDA in January and the bipartisan, bicameral Request for Information (RFI) that Congress issued in July. We believe that the opportunity for federal CBD policy reform is finally a reality – in this Congress – and we are prepared to organize and act.

Our members include:

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Our Approach

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Support for ONE HEMP

Our policy positions are supported by top cannabinoid science and researchers, including Dr. Marcel Bonn-Miller Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer at Charlotte’s Web and leading cannabinoid scientist.

“It was of utmost importance to systematically collate and analyze scientific data from a multitude of top research studies to provide a unified framework in response to safety inquiries posed by legislators. Equally vital was the presentation of data that help to inform standardization of product labeling to ensure transparency and safety for consumers.” — Dr. Bonn-Miller

ONE HEMP’S perspective on CBD serving recommendations and its non-intoxicating nature received added reinforcement through the unveiling of two new studies. Dr. Rayetta G. Henderson Ph.D., Senior Managing Scientist at Tox Strategies, successfully led a team of researchers who studied and determined oral intake limit values for responsible usage of CBD by consumers to address the FDA’s concerns about liver toxicity and proper dietary supplement limits. 

“The study’s suggested Upper Limits not only closely correspond with the recommendations put forth by leading regulatory bodies (Health Canada, TGA, FSA), but they also uphold a significant safety margin and help to establish a safe framework for CBD consumption.” — Dr. Henderson

Dr. Ryan Vandrey Ph.D., a cannabis researcher at Johns Hopkins University, is conducting a second pivotal study evaluating whether THC doses found in full spectrum hemp products are associated with impairment after acute or twice-daily use.

"Through this research, we are seeking to understand impairment in relation to different ratios and doses of THC and CBD commonly found in full-spectrum hemp products. This can serve as a tool for legislators seeking data to inform regulatory guidelines.” — Dr. Vandrey

Get Involved

We firmly believe that the time has come for Congress to stand with us in advocating for responsible legislation that prioritizes the safety of the countless individuals who rely on CBD products every day. 

We extend an invitation to all responsible players in our industry to join us in spearheading this crucial dialogue. Together, we can shape a brighter, safer future for the CBD industry and for the millions of CBD consumers who seek its wellness solutions. 

Please get in touch at [email protected].



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